Laptop Computer Stands For 2016

My God, the unending pain that is back pains. I’ve finally figured out what was aggrevating me. Bending over to use my desktop, laptop and watching television. ¬†There is no easy way to say this but something needs to change! I’ve gotten sick and tired of the chronic unending throbbing of my back and being constantly bent over like the hunchback of notredame.

I deserve to be happy too! So thats why I’m planning on testing out a whole bunch of laptop stands for myself. I won’t exactly have the funds to get and test first hand every single product but i can sure as hell try. My game plan is to go to the local stores such as PC Richard And Son, Best Buy, And Micro¬†Center to gauge first hand everything I do. For the products they don’t have at the store, my plan is to see an actual demonstration of the product via This gameplan will help me save a few bucks and a consolidate all the information i get into one neat place so that others might find it useful long after I’m finished finding “The One.” I can dream can’t I?

MStand Laptop Stand

Pros: The MStand is very affordable. At approximately $30.00 it won’t break the bank. The price to quality is superb. With a sturdy design, you wont have to ever worry about this crumbling or breaking. The top has a rubber pad on each corner to prevent the laptop from sliding and also a tab at the bottom to completely stop it from sliding downward. Plus the base is wide enough to allow for a laptop of 15 inches or more. Thats what I call heavy duty. Theres also a clearance in between the elevated area to store your keyboard or hard drive or anything in between.

Plus the design resembles most apple products. You’ll have a stand that seamlessly matches the designs of all your apple products if your using one!

Cons: Unfortunately, the stand isnt adjustable. So it might be too high or too low. Also the stand can trap heat between your laptop and the the laptop riser. Could be a problem if your laptop is already prone to overheating issues. Finally, this product isn’t portable at all. unfortunately.

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

Pros: Even Cheaper than the MStand. At almost half the price, approximately $15 dollars. This will probably be the cheapest alternative. The strong mesh design gives your laptop the “breathability” that the MStand doesnt provide. Plus the tabs at the bottom will ensure that your laptop won’t simply slide off. Easily adjustable up or down. However The range it can be adjusted is not that great. Theres also tabs at the back of the stand to allow for wires to be seamlessly grouped up or seperated. Clean wires is always a plus in my book. Finally, This laptop stand collapses in and can be carried anywhere. Portability brings this one up another notch!

Cons: The first issue I have with this one is the poor range on the elevation. The tabs also impinge on your wrists causing for a uncomfortable typing experience. A wireless keyboard is almost necessary with this stand unfortunately.

Conclusion? Well so far i like the amazon basics ventilated adjustable laptop stand. I have yet to review more of these so I can’t say for certain that this is “The One.” However I will say that I found a great resource,, So i will review that first then I will post more reviews. Bye for now!